My Little Impression

Between July 4 until 6, 2006,  I participated in a workshop on blogging and poscasting in Makati City, Philippine from July 4 until July 6, 2006, that conducted by Friedrich Naumann Foundation Philippine.  

This is not my first time in the Philippine but my impression, I feel there are not many changes of the situation, economically or socially.  But I am also feeling that this situation is not different with the situation, back to my home country, Indonesia. We still face the same problem, that is POVERTY.

When we talked about poverty it’s not a stand alone problem. It’s related to the other situation and problem, like in the education system, government policy, and economic sector. But the most important reason were lead to poverty problem is a lack of opportunity.

Opportunity means opportunity for a job, opportunity in education, opportunity for involving in the political decision making or opportunity for the economic access.   Lack of opportunity in the education for example when some people do not have an opportunity to continue their education or even having the education since the elementary level, will lead to the poor quality of the human resource. At the end this kind of situation will also create their uncompetitiveness in the labour market, they are not accepted by the market and makes the unemployment still increase or high.  Once we can say poverty also created by the wrong and centralized economic policy of the government. Sometimes the government feels they able handled the poverty problem by simply giving a subsidy to the poor. This is not a long everlasting solution. It’s just a temporary medicine and only a minor solution. Government can use the state budget for other purpose, like building an infrastructure or reform the state policy in economic sector that make country like Indonesia more competitive advantage for investment. By attracting investor to come, a job opportunity will create and people are able to get a job, better than only receiving “donation” from the state for their living. This is still a long way to achieved but it’s also not too late to begin.


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