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Interview Saya….

Beberapa waktu lalu saya sempat diwawancarai untuk pembuatan tulisan akhir Nadine Freischlad, yang mengambil kuliah di University of the Art Berlin, Jerman. Hasil wawancara tersebut telah dimuat didalam blog miliknya yang dapat diakses pada alamat ini: http://texastee.twoday.net/

Namun mungkin tak ada salahnya isi wawancara tersebut saya muat pula di blog ini..  🙂


Part 6 of the interview series: Muhammad Thamrin, the Political Blogger

Thamrin is a historian and journalist, currently works for the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung in Jakarta – a German political foundation associated to the German Liberal Party (FDP) – and as a freelance journalist. He is involved in the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Project ‘Blogging for Democracy’ – a series of workshops with politicians and NGO workers to introduce them to the world of blogging and podcasting/videocasting. He also writes his own blog called Other stories about freedom and initiated ‘Kedai Kebebasan’.

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